Dancing is like walking … YOU move your feet backwards & forwards … and side to side … WE teach you how to do it to music

Are you tired of watching everyone else have fun on the dance floor, using excuses like "I have two left feet" or "I don't do the dance-thing" to avoid embarassment? Isn't it time you made a conscious decision to join the party and reconnect with the natural movements you were born with? (And, no, you cannot use the excuse that you have no partner to dance with ... that is precisely why we offer one-on-one lessons with a dedicated instructor!)

Since opening our doors in 2007, we have helped hundreds of students to realise their dreams of learning to dance, whether it was for fun, exercise, to meet new people, or simply as a means of countering everyday stress.
We are primarily a social studio, teaching students to dance in such a way that they will be able to dance at any function, with any partner, without looking as if they were taking lessons. That said, we also cater for the students who like to demonstrate their skills in social competition (both regionally and nationally), and those who want to enter the competetive arena with a view to achieving national colours.